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Free Download Bastion PC Games Full Version (720MB)

Written By Arbian AjiP on Monday, April 23, 2012 | 03:38

Bastion PC Games
Bastion PC Games Full Version Free Download - In the current rush of games with more realistic graphics quality, the presence bastion like an oasis in the arid desert. There's nothing wrong with being realistic, but sometimes our eyes need to be too spoiled with something that is absurd, but beautiful.

Bastion meet these expectations. This RPG game environment presents a rather unique form of a platform floating in space. This game is more interesting because the platform is automatically formed when the main character walking.

Caricature graphic approach also makes the Bastion can be enjoyed by almost any age. A vulgar display of violence that was more entertaining.

Bastion tells Caelondia disasters, disasters that cause Caelondia fragmented. You'll play as a kid, a young man who tried to restore Caelondia. To that end, Kid must build a Bastion. Kid Did it work?

As an RPG game, Bastion has no statistics or character attributes. Character development is applied in other ways, namely through the Spirit and the Secret Skill.


With increasing level, Kid will get more slots to put the Spirit. Spirit has a different effect and you can choose which one is preferred.

Uniquely, the allocation of Spirit can be reset at any time, so do not worry if you already put the Spirit that was not appropriate. The Secret Skill is generally associated with the weapons used.

Bastion Screenshot
There are several weapons in Bastion, but only two that you can take it. Both are applied to the left and right mouse buttons. The same is true for Secret Skill.

Although the Secret Skill that there are quite a lot, only one that can be activated at any one time. You still can always reset the weapon and the Secret Skill each time to be adventurous.

The main drawback in the limited environment Bastion over the game. As a result, also be very linear gameplay. However, thanks to the good penggaran, the game is still entertaining.

Quality colorful graphics and solid colored makes it look more attractive. Bastion is one of the few games that entertain without unnecessary fatigue.

The success of bastion

Bastion GameplayAlthough the success obtained sales figures reached 500,000 copies, there are no plans of supergiant Games to make the sequel to action RPG game Bastion.

Greg Kasavin as head of the development team told Eurogamer that Bastion's success has made the studio pay for their own gain freedom for their next project and they decided to try something new.

"The success of Bastion not change the decision of what we would do in the future," he said.

"We are delighted, Bastion has demonstrated performance that was good enough to give us enough resources to make another game. That is, we can pay for itself a new project and have the time we needed to do them well."
Bastion review

Kasavin refused to reveal what is planned, but confirmed that the team is working on Bastion will be involved.

"Still long before we can talk more about the details of his next project, we can only state that the team will again come together to do it. We do not disclose Bastion development because we feel that a game is not ready to play would not have shown."

Even so, Kasavin said that if Bastion is a sequel to be made, then it likely will not take the setting of the world's first version of the Bastion.

"We always try to make Bastion as a stand-alone game and we will make setting a new world that can support the other storylines. In essence, we have many ideas for our future and felt that the feel of a surprise at all our games are very important."

Trailer Bastion PC Games :

Minimum System Requirements :

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.7 GHz
512 MB RAM
64GB DirectX 9.0c campatible graphic card (Shader model 2)
1 GB harddisk space

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