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Free Download Business Tycoon PC Games Full Version Games

Written By Arbian AjiP on Saturday, April 21, 2012 | 12:40

Business Tycoon
Business Tycoon Games Free Download - In economics, business is an organization that sells goods or services to consumers or other businesses, to make a profit. Historically the business of the English word "business", from the word busy, which means "busy" in the context of individual, community, or society. In a sense, busy with activity and profitable work.

In a capitalist economy, where most businesses are owned by private parties, business set up to make a profit and increase the prosperity of their owners. Owner and operator of a business get rewarded according to the time, effort, or capital they provide. But not all businesses pursue this advantage, such as business co-operative that aims to improve the welfare of all members or a government institution that aims to improve people's welfare.

This business model contrasts with the socialistic system, where big business is owned mostly by the government, the public, or a union.

Etymologically, the business means the situation where a person or group of people busy doing the job that generates profits. The word "business" itself has three uses, depending skupnya - use of the singular word can refer to business entities, namely the unity of the juridical (legal), technical, and economic aims for profit or gain. Wider usage can refer to a particular market sector, such as "television business." The most widespread usage refers to all activities undertaken by community providers of goods and services.

However, the definition of "business" the right is still a matter of debate to this day.
Business Tycoon Games

Business Tycoon introduced you to the world of wheeling and dealing (quick thinking and sharp decision making) in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace.
Choose the number of opponents, the amount of start up capital your company has and the industry in which you wish to play. Since territorial expansion is the first critical step to success your initial task is to perform market research in order to understand the needs and desires of the consumers before you can start on the long fast road to successful sales.
Tycoon Business

Begin the game with a single sales executive and as your revenue grows, attract others to your side. With the right resources at your disposal, you may even be able to “head hunt” a sales executive away from a rival company. To bolster perceptions of your product or damage the reputation of a competitor’s products, produce marketing campaigns and as ucts; keep costs low to increase demand, but make sure you have enough margin to stay in business.
Business Tycoon pc

Game Information

ELSPA Minimum Age: 3
Product Features
Each territory is rated for the ability of its workers in labour, marketing and research

Happy Fun Land and Training Centre, bolster the morale of the employees
Intelligence Buildings: Provide access to an increasing variety of charts
give you an insight into your own and your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses.

Business Tycoon Trailer

System requirements :

This games can be play on any pc :)

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