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Free Download Game Officers PC Full Rip (Mediafire Ready)

Written By Arbian AjiP on Sunday, April 22, 2012 | 03:04

Officers | 844 MB

Officers, a real-time strategy game set in World War II, to feature a Soviet perspective. However, the Red Army is entirely absent from Officers' campaign. Instead, you'll be taking American forces on yet another tired trot from France to Germany. To Officers' credit, its epic scale and unique focus on supply issues and reconnaissance differentiate it somewhat from other games in the genre, but unfortunately the insane difficulty, the translation and voice-acting failures, and the protracted load times will dissuade you from signing up for another tour on the western front.
At first the grand scale seems like a strength, but other gameplay elements turn it into a liability. First, unlike in Supreme Commander, you can view only a small portion of the battlefield at a time, which means that you won't even be able to see all of a single skirmish at once. Second, because of your incredibly fragile units and the dangerous and often unseen enemies that lurk behind every tree, you're forced to use extreme caution and play on slower speed settings. As a result, missions can take up to five tedious hours to complete, and unless you have the patience of a sniper, you'll eventually succumb to boredom. Every map consists of five or six zones, which change hands based on the ownership of a central strategic point, and each zone is full of numerous optional objectives, such as capturing farms, radar stations, and fuel depots. Securing these locations provides you with resources and reinforcements that you'll almost certainly need to complete the mission.
Resources and logistics are major considerations in Officers, and their mechanics are both novel and realistic. While you don't have to worry about farming, mining, or oil drilling, you will have to ensure that your troops have ample supplies of food, ammunition, and fuel. These resources are liberated when you capture objectives and are stored at strategic points, which supply nearby troops. If you run out of food, troops will start dying, and if you run out of fuel, then you can forget about any armored offensives. To keep your troops in supply, you must move supplies from rear areas to the front lines with escorted convoys of supply trucks. Traveling over roads rather than cross-country conserves precious fuel, and if you control the roads, you can force opponents to waste a lot of fuel, minimizing the threat of any mechanized offensives.

System Requirements:-

# Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP or Vista
# Intel Processor - Core 2 Duo T7800 2.6GHz
# Memory: 1GB RAM
# Hard Disk Space: 3 GB Available
# Nvidia Graphics Card - GeForce 8600 (512 Mb Video RAM) supporting shaders 2.0
# Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound card 


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