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Cheat GTA Vice City Computer Games

Written By Arbian AjiP on Monday, January 21, 2013 | 18:55

GTA Vice City Cheat
GTA Vice City Cheat and Codes - has much in common with the Mafia, which is the main character named TOMMY, they also work on gangs and mafia, and has a magnificent city in its time. The story began in 1986 when Tommy who was sent by his boss, Sonny to transact 24-carat gold in vice city, and as Tommy was unlucky, as the gold transaction was captured criminals and Sonny did not receive the money. Tommy is required to find the robbers blasted in a pretty swanky namely Vice City.

The way we are on a mission similar to the GTA series the first, which is to go into a building or place. Important places such as property and our business, and will take the place marked on the map. After going to the site, there will be a movie that explains the mission. After that, we went to the point of interest or pursuing anything in accordance with the directions on the map.

That made it the hottest game 2003 missions are very varied, beginning our mission simply told to kill people and damage the car, but over the mission, you will be asked to control a remote control helicopter to lay explosives buildings, riding planes for distributing pamphlets , race boat, steal tanks, menyeniper people and more.

But GTA adopts a NON-LINEAR, that we do not have to follow the mission. We can freely roam the city to do as we like, we can kill people and take their money, steal apache helicopters in army base, also buy houses and apartments. You can also buy business companies such as taxi, printing companies, etc..

After buying these companies, you must complete missions that the company is making money for you. As a film company, you must install the slide porn movie ads are working on your company and of course the picture is pornographic advertising. Printing money is telling you to get a nice plaque to print counterfeit money, automotive companies will ask you to collect certain types of cars in the garage.

Besides the company, you can also buy a property that is useful as a place to store. But some were equipped garage to store cars, there are also providing complete helipad with a helicopter on the roof.
Slaughter-slaying action is also quite sadistic in GTA Vice City, although not sesadis Postal 2, but human blood and died because his head was cut with a chainsaw you can see almost every time, the body is also damaged by a rocket launcher hit.

There are so many vehicles that can be driven in Vice City, you can drive a car, speeding and weaving on a motorcycle, crossing the beach with a boat, to see the city by helicopter and more. Control is also quite easy and not too complicated, just need to adapt in a short time would have been able to master it well. If anyone feels VERY DIFFICULT boat ride, it is possible that the person lost some fingers, or it has poor adaptability that will continue to extinction like the dinosaurs.

You also can drive some military units such as tanks, which can fire missiles, Apache helicopters also incredible cool. Both units can you steal in army base near the airport, but I SUGGEST, wear resistant cheat before you explore the army base since filled by soldiers equipped with machine gunnya.

Apache and Tank tersebutpun would have if you had to collect 100 hidden packages, so for those of you who want to taste PLEASURE riding Apache, can use the garage editor.

If you managed to steal the Apache, you must be wondering how to keep it .... because apache valuable will be lost if you live too far away, or you mengesave. You do this by pushing it into the garage wide enough for 2 cars. For more details can be discussed on the forum.

Motorcycles are available only 5 types, namely Freeway and Angel which is a variant harley, a vespa, motor racing, and motocross. It is very unfortunate, because the number of cars that so many are not offset by the number of motorcycles that cuman 5 types.

GTA Vice City cheat
With the bike you can perform stunts, such as previous GTA versions to get the money. There are so many strategic locations that can be used for a stunt in GTA 3, because we are more free to go up to the rooftops.
Its a major rarity in GTA Vice City is a faster car than a motorcycle destroyed. The car that crashed into a utility pole at a moderate pace, certainly the hood open and loose, but the motorcycle, although thrown so far remained durable.

I suspect, do not - do not use the car Rockstar made with tin cans as a reference model to create the effect of damage on GTA Vice City.

Its mission is not as long as the Mafia, and even seem short, but it was offset by the many minigame provided. You can follow the race car and the remote control at the stadium, also can run rampage missions like killing gang members in 2 minutes. to earn extra money.

Weapons in Vice City too much and divided into 3 groups according to the level of brutality, ranging from samurai swords, chainsaws, smg, rocket launcher until the gatling gun. The types of weapons that we take will affect our running speed, while carrying the gatling gun, you will not be able to run as fast as carrying grenades. To obtain these weapons, you can visit Ammunation, pistol specialist shops, there are also shops melee weapons. Killing cops is also one way to get a weapon.

The women in GTA Vice City are also quite varied, from sex workers to wear a bikini at night pacing the street. The uniqueness of GTA Vice City, that if we take the vehicle and stopped near these women, they will ride in our vehicles. In the film industry's mission also encountered because the industry is making a porn movie.

Graphics in GTA Vice City is quite good, although not many have increased from GTA 3, but the texture is very diverse and large enough city. The beauty of the new graphics can be felt if you use a 1024x768 resolution 32 Bit, with 4x FSAA and 8x Anisotropic Filtering, the setting, then the beauty of Vice City with sparkly lights at night can be felt, and therefore produced computer with a VGA napoleon era price cheap as old newspapers will not be able to bring racing action with a high frame rate. T

etapi computers do not blame you, blame yourself, why not buy a modern computer. Its a bit unfortunate is that this game does not use DirectX 8 features in full, if the road surface and the water use pixel shading, saliva will surely make people who can not afford to buy advanced VGA dripping endlessly like a waterfall.

The movement of the person is also very smooth because it is made with motion capture, but the movement of the women who always plays his ass left and right ..

Dialogues in GTA Vice City are very clear and a lot of dirty words, but that is the game is fun, because it is impossible if a person never utter obscenities in his life. Moreover GTA talked about gangs and other crimes must be very foolish if they use the words good and polite.

The music from the radio is also very enjoyable to hear. There are several types of radio stations are like KChat containing chats person, Emotion containing romantic songs, dance song that contains Flash, and more.

The music is very good and we are increasingly dissolving in Vice City. If you are not satisfied with the music from the radio, you can insert your own MP3 music.

Although time is banned in some countries due to sound harsh, but this game is still a best seller, it has become a law of nature if something is inhibited by the more powerful party will further explode, Inul became more popular after banned by Rhoma, as well as GTA Vice City .

GTA Vice City Cheat codes

GTA Vice City Cheat


GTA Vice City arguably the coolest games over the years, many variations of the mission, an interesting story and a non-linear and the freedom offered by addicting people who play it. An inestimable loss if you do not try and finish this game.

Share cheat GTA VC may be useful.

aspirine - Life is full

icanttakeitanymore - Suicide

thugstools - Thug Weapons

professionaltools - Professional Weapons

nuttertools - Heavy Weapons

preciousprotection - Full Armor

youwon'ttakemealive - full of Stars

leavemealone - Eliminate stars

chasestat - is looking if melebiihi 2 stars

fightfightfight - a lot of people who fought

nobodylikesme - others hostile

ourgodgivenrighttobeararms - other people have guns

Cars and traffic

BIGBANG - Destruction/explode all cars

wheelsareallineed - stay car wheels (transparent)

comeflywithme - a car can soar

Greenlight - all signs are green

miamitraffic - chaotic traffic

travelinstyle - make one car trends

gettherequickly - makes the car trend of 2

panzer - making tanks

thelastride - making hearse

rockandrollcar - making car limo

rubbishcar - making garbage truck

gettherefast - making fast cars

betterthanwalking - making golf car

getthereveryfastindeed - makes car racing a bit faster

getthereamazinglyfast - making the fastest race cars

iwantitpaintedblack - all black car

ahairdresserscar - all pink cars

seaways - the car can run on water

gripiseverything - turn fast cars

loadsoflittlethings - Change the tire size

hopingirl - others get into the car tommy

Situations and environmental conditions

apleasantday - nice weather

alovelyday - good weather bsangat

abitdrieg - hot weather

catsanddogs - rainy weather

cantseeathing - foggy weather

lifeispassingmeby - time goes fast

stilllikedressingup - turned into someone else

ONSPEED - be quick

booooooring - a slow

chickswithguns - Bikini women with guns


fannymagnet - tommy had a group

CertainDeath - tommy smoke

deepfriedmarsbars - Tommy so fat

programmer - Tommy so skinny

cheatshavebeencracked - to Ricardo (the homeowner)

looklikelance - a lance

mysonisalawyer - a Ken Rosenberg

looklikehilary - to hilary (fat)

rockandrollman - a Jezz (rock)

weloveourdick - a Dick

onearmedbandit - becomes Phil Cassidy

idonthavethemoneysonny - a sonny

foxylittlething - a female

How to use cheat:
1. Run games GTA Vice City.
2. After the games open, please typing cheat you desired.
3. For example, typing "aspirine" without the quotes, to get a life is full
4. any help , leave your comment in the box below.
5. Enjoy and thanks :)
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