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Free Download Delta Force Black Hawk Down Full Version Games

Written By Arbian AjiP on Saturday, April 28, 2012 | 07:45

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Free Games Download Full Version - Black Hawk Down the movie itself is the 11th film directed by Ridley Scott in 2001. Because of the serious  on this film that led to the stage of Black Hawk Down 2002 Oscar nominations with four pockets. Obtained from four nominations, she took home two Oscars, which won the Best Editing and Best Sound. Failed to win two categories, namely Best Cinematography and the most desired by all directors, Best Director. For information, in the year 2001 was also, Ridley issued his other works, Hannibal, starring Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore. Unfortunately, unlike Black Hawk Down, film critics praised enough not pocketed a single nomination.

Back to Black Hawk Down, a movie made based on real events are recorded by a writer named Mark Bowden Black Hawk Down with the title: A Story of Modern War. This book describes the fierce battles in Mogadishu where a group of U.S. forces conduct raids to catch the ruler of Somalia, Mohamed Farrah Aidid.

Password-operation nicknamed Irene, General Garrison (Sam Shepard) chaired the attacks carried out by Delta forces, Ranger and Special Operations Regiment-160 with a mission to capture his accomplices and subordinates in government Farrah Aidid. This attack was centered on the Bakara market, where a suspected gathering of important people under Aidid. Gen. Garrison predicted that this mission will last no longer than half an hour to bring the desired results. Ranger forces led by Sergeant Matt Eversmann (Josh Hartnett) are given tasks to complete this mission and given a message that not one of the troops left on the battlefield.

But the mission did not go smoothly and deviated from the original estimate. It all started by the fall Pratu Todd Blackburn (Orlando Bloom) will do as a decrease from the helicopter. Attacks with heavy weapons by Somalia militias to further complicate their mission. Victims of the U.S. military and the militia began to fall. Everything is further exacerbated by the fall of the helicopter aid the Black Hawk air after being hit by rocket fire from militia bullets. The situation became more heated and messy after a helicopter crashed again. Mission which was originally estimated to be quick and brief immediately turned into a nightmare that can not be imagined.

But according to the message given to them that there should not be abandoned, they were headed to the crash site to evacuate the helicopter pilots and crew who are on it. Two men from Delta snipers Randy Shughart and Gary Gordon eventually killed in action after attempting to rescue one of his pilots who survived. Both were awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously. Meanwhile the soldiers who have different properties must work together to rescue their colleagues trapped in a battle that lasted all night.

Black Hawk Down Delta Force The Games

Novalogic's Delta Force was originally one of the leading tactical shooter series in computer gaming. However, if last year's Task Force Dagger is any indication, this series down. Latest game in the series, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, focuses on the UN intervention in Somalia in the 1990s, as depicted in the popular novel and movie Black Hawk Down. The new Delta Force game makes some improvements to the series, but it's hard to take seriously, especially given some game action sequences, which resemble old arcade games more than they do actual military operations.

Black Hawk Down is loosely inspired by missions undertaken by elements of Delta Force, U.S. Ranger Regiment 75, 10th Mountain Division, and 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. The game is also filled with real-world vehicles and weapons, but do not let that fool you. Black Hawk Down is mostly a, direct action casual game with some real-world pitfalls.

The first mission single-player game provides a good idea of ​​what you can expect from Black Hawk Down. He raised the idea of ​​the film and throw them together in ways that are unrealistic and rigid. The mission itself resembles a rail shooter, an arcade style shooting game where you are forced to move along a predetermined path while shooting any enemies in your way. For whatever reason, developers insisted on using this idea over and over again. In the first mission, you take part in the rescue operation to a UN convoy was attacked in the countryside. You operate a .50-caliber machine gun in one of the Humvees are happy to drive right into hordes of enemy soldiers and vehicles approaching from all sides and not to properly engage the enemy to slow, stop, or take alternative routes. You do not have control over the Humvee driver stupid, but just need to blast each new target that appears.

Upon completion of this segment of shooting-gallery - and most of the game seems like a glorified shooting gallery, since Somali gunmen will often stand in neat little rows - you walk on foot to a small camp to snipe the enemy worse. Then, it returns to the action rail is more honest, because you use a minigun mounted on a Black Hawk helicopter to slaughter more unthinking enemies. All this in a span of 5 or 10 minutes.

Anyone looking for a realistic military simulation would be very disappointed with the Black Hawk Down. But if you're looking for the shooter, a simple old-fashioned, you can enjoy a share, assuming you can put a few major problems. Single-player mission goals often seem contrived or repetitive, and overall campaign seemed disjointed and amateurish. It's too bad balance - most missions are too easy, but some require retries endless and endlessly frustrating. The mission is also not original. Understandably, they raised the ideas of Black Hawk Down book and film, but without doing them any justice. One mission even attempt, however poor, re-create the Omaha Beach landing sequence from Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, everything.

As in previous Delta Force games, Black Hawk Down's AI is very poor. Are considered "elite" Delta Force and Ranger troops shoot at each other, pushing you into the line of fire, and repeatedly lost target literally right in front of them. Their aim was so terrible that they can actually walk through the enemy in a narrow tunnel and do not reach their target. Somalia fighters just as bad. At close range, the militia soldiers often turn away from you and shoot the nearby wall instead. So, basically up to you to play Rambo, run around and shoot all sitting ducks. In fact, the game even made the score for you - you can expect to kill more than 1,500 citizens of Somalia during the campaign.

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System Requirements (Requirements):
System: PIII 733MHz or equivalent
Video Memory: 32 MB VRAM
Hard Drive Space: 750 MB

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