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Free Download The sims 2 Pets RIP Full Version Games

Written By Arbian AjiP on Sunday, September 2, 2012 | 17:50

The Sims 2 Pets is an expansion pack of The Sims 2. In this pack expansions are given a very interesting addition to the pet. Pets provided there are a number of dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and fish.

Early this game starts with a menu create family where we can create a family in accordance with our wishes. In The Sims 2 Pets, we can also make the animals in accordance with our wishes. However, only dogs and cats alone that we can customize.

Create pet menu provided in this game very interesting. We can make a dog or cat with the character we want. We can memikih size, age, type, pattern of coat color, even a few other small things like eye color. We can also determine whether his personality would be a docile animal or not, educated or not, friendly, etc..

At the moment we do not play games can play our peiharaan animals. But we act as a sims that raising animals, such as feeding them, playing with them to provide some social touch, teach them some skills such as talking, shaking hands, sitting and others, even we can make them a career. Links are provided for animals: Show Business, Security's Service. We can also bring pets to walk - the road to the park, met with other animals, go to shop animal accessory. We can also buy pets at the Pet Shop.

Educational value of The Sims 2 Pets

Here's educational value that can be found in the game The Sims 2 Pets:

Learning how to treat pets properly.

Learning how to interact socially, setting the pattern of life, train talents and abilities.

As in simulation games that simulate real life, here is the reality contained in this game:

Each pet berkatifitas like pets (dog cat taau) in real life, such as eating, sleeping, playing and even a career.

Sims and pets can interact with other sims or other animals.

Ras pet (dog or cat) as well as breeds of dogs or cats in real life.

The reality of cause and effect or sequence that is included in this game are as follows:

Animal personalities that we choose will affect the life, for example, we create an animal with a friendly personality then the animal would be more able to play with other animals than those who are not friendly

Career animals will increase if the skills required are met

Every animal who excel in his career, will get a gift in the form of collars that can not be purchased at pet accessory stores.

In this game there are events - events that may occur along a contributing factor.

Here is the event and the factors corresponding to the real world:

The enemy of every pet is an animal skunk. Skunk is to come in - arrived. His arrival can not be predicted or change - change at the time we play.

There are special animals in this game is a wolf dog that can change our sims into a werewolf. The coming of these animals also change - change.

The reality of physics in games found in wood that was thrown sims speed when playing fetch with a pet.

Bleak sound per pet dogs, cats and birds in accordance with reality.

Voice of the objects used in accordance with reality, eg the goods - electronic goods and equipment - musical instruments.

Pet's physical appearance is similar to a pet in real life.

The shape of all objects of this game looks like in real life.

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